A Buyer’s Guide to Garden Furniture

Buying garden furniture can be very challenging. Unlike indoor furniture, it must not only look beautiful and provide a high level of comfort but it also must withstand the outdoor extremes ranging from rapid temperature changes to intense ultraviolet light, rain, wind and various creatures that live or visit the garden. In order to make sure that the chosen garden furniture will look as beautiful and comfortable as new for many seasons to come, you are therefore recommended to pay attention to two factors when buying new outdoor furniture – quality of material from which it is made and quality and workmanship.

Garden Set

Theoretically, all pieces of garden furniture are suitable for outdoor use but in reality, many are unable to withstand the outdoor elements. Whether the chosen furniture will provide you with an aesthetically appealing and comfortable place to sit for years or will it require replacement after a couple of seasons primarily depends on the material from which it is made. There are a few materials which are 100% outdoor proof and are not vulnerable to the effects of the weather, insects and other outdoor elements. Examples include natural stone, stainless steel and teak. The latter is particularly sought after because it blends perfectly with the natural surroundings and above all, because it does not need any protective coatings like other types of wood. However, not every teak garden furniture is as outdoor proof as it should be. The tropical hardwood is available in three quality grades of which only grade A is truly resistant to the outdoor conditions. Grades B and C, on the other hand, contain little or no teak natural oils which play the key role in its resistance to the outdoor elements and durability.

Quality of workmanship is just as important as quality of the material from which the furniture is made. Well made furniture does not only look more aesthetically appealing but it is also more resistant to wear and tear. It usually is not difficult to determine if the furniture is well made or not by taking a closer look at it which, however, is not possible if you are buying garden furniture online. In order to get the best value for your money, you are therefore recommended to buy from established garden furniture suppliers or directly from recognized brands, or at least buy from an online store that allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied with it. The shipping costs usually are not covered but it is good to know that you will get your money back for the furniture in case you will not like it.

Lastly, it is a good idea to pay attention to guarantee especially if you are considering buying new garden furniture online because brands which are certain in quality of their products always offer guarantee. Be sure, however, that the furniture is delivered already assembled or that it includes white glove assembly because you can void the guarantee if you assembly it yourself.